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  • AVATARRe: Favorite 4Rum Memories - byzantine bomb Sunday, 14 December 2014 00:33 - Otis and I went to a Flyers game once! That was fun and quite generous of the man.
  • AVATARRe: Sorry.... - gorillahands4 Thursday, 11 December 2014 02:38 - Not sure how many of you guys will see this so I'll just send it out on twitter 2mrw, but I'll hop on skype tomorrow at around 8pm. If there is a...
  • AVATARRe: Meet your fellow 4RUMer's - l0w bl00d sugar Wednesday, 10 December 2014 19:18 - I remember Weedy made the original thread on the first forums we had. Otis (as stated in the first post) made this because he feared seeing Weedy at...
  • AVATARRe: Meet your fellow 4RUMer's - xsmokex 20 Wednesday, 10 December 2014 18:04 - Absolutely! This was a great idea and a success in many regards. At least the video content will continue to live on!
  • AVATARRe: Meet your fellow 4RUMer's - warzh311ion Wednesday, 10 December 2014 01:51 - Looking back at this post makes me smile. Otis this was your best thread sir.

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4RUMGaming @TrueGritDirt @ShawnMasterP @SgtCortez8693 @WARzH311ion @R_L_Stroud so i guess its a no go for tonight?
4RUMGaming @TrueGritDirt @ShawnMasterP @SgtCortez8693 @WARzH311ion @R_L_Stroud so around 8pm EST tonight on skype good for you guys?
4RUMGaming @ShawnMasterP @SgtCortez8693 @WARzH311ion @R_L_Stroud @TrueGritDirt sites down for me but is this Thursday good for the final 4cast?
4RUMGaming see you online (7/7)
4RUMGaming everyone for the support that has been shown. World domination is still within our grasp. Keep gaming brothers and sisters. We will (6/7)
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